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Civil Rights Attorney in Bronx, NYThe laws of the United States and the state of New York protect each of us from infringement of our civil rights. Everyone has rights and privileges under the law that help ensure they are safe, free, and able to live well. Martindale & Associates PLLC can help you if you think a police officer or correctional officer has violated your civil rights or the rights of someone you care about.

Our aggressive Civil Rights Attorney in the Bronx, NY, will fight for victims whose civil rights have been violated. Civil rights cases can include:

Police brutality: We can help you fight for the justice you deserve if the police have violated your rights. Our Bronx civil rights lawyers have been fighting for the rights of everyday citizens who have been the targets of police brutality. If you live in the Bronx and would like our assistance, please contact us today.

Unwarranted Strip Searches: Unwarranted strip searches can happen in various contexts. These may be carried out by police following an arrest, in a detention facility, or at airports.

It’s crucial to go over the details of your case with a lawyer who has experience managing lawsuits involving wrongful strip searches. When that search is unlawful, the police must compensate you for your losses and the infringement of your civil rights. When the NYPD’s officers break the law, the civil rights lawyers at Martindale & Associates battle to hold the department responsible.

If you believe the strip search you underwent was improper, speak with our Bronx civil rights attorneys about your legal options.

Wrongful incarceration:  If you believe you were unfairly convicted, you should know that you are not the only one. Bronx attorney Conway Martindale specializes in unjust convictions. He has fought for people’s civil rights, and he has the experience to make corrupt law enforcement officials answer for what they do. It’s possible that you deserve financial compensation for any injuries or time spent in jail that weren’t your fault.

Our lawyers in the Bronx are dedicated to fighting hard for people who have been wrongly accused of breaking their civil rights. Because the specifics of each case are different, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Malicious Prosecution: Malicious prosecution is when someone tries to hurt someone else by putting them through fake civil litigation or criminal prosecution. If you think you are being unfairly prosecuted, you must talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. At every stage, our legal experts will be there to defend your interests and advise you on how to proceed. At Martindale and Associates, our Bronx civil rights attorney is dedicated to helping our clients get the fair compensation they deserve.

False arrest: Arrests are never pleasant; they are disruptive, time-consuming, expensive, and frequently terrifying. If the person wrongfully arrested is innocent, the consequences might be devastating. You should talk to a Bronx civil rights attorney to find out if you have a case for false arrest.

If you were stopped and held without a clear reason, and then your case was dropped, the prosecutor decided not to charge you, or you were found not guilty, you should talk to a Bronx civil rights attorney to see if you have a case for false arrest.

Civil Rights Violation Claims: When your rights have been violated, it may seem impossible to get justice, especially when you are up against powerful organizations like police departments and the Department of Corrections. You can rely on our civil rights violation attorney, Mr. Conway Martindale, to represent you in court and fight for your rights. Contact him right away at for help with your civil rights violation claim.

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