About Us

At the Law Office of Martindale & Associates, PLLC, we are dedicated to giving each and every client the best legal representation, while at the same time giving them the personal attention to their legal matter a small firm provides

Here at the Law Office of Martindale & Associates, PLLC we handle civil rights matters for individuals who have been unjustly arrested, unjustly incarcerated, and brutalized by members of the police force. We understand that being incarcerated due to being falsely accused of a crime or being assaulted by members of the police force or corrections officer is a traumatic experience, with sometimes irreversible psychological and emotional effects as well as physical injury. Here at Martindale & Associates, PLLC, we fight hard to get our clients justly compensated for the trauma they’ve suffered; whether it be psychologically or physically.

We also handle a wide variety of criminal matters from drug crimes, to violent crimes, and everything in between. We understand that the very notion of facing criminal charges (and possible jail time) can be a scary and nerve-racking ordeal for not only the client but his or her family. At Martindale & Associates, PLLC, we pride ourselves on the relationship we maintain with our clients, while our focus and dedication to pursuing AND achieving a positive outcome for them never suffers.

On the Business/Corporate side of the practice, we handle a wide variety of corporate issues business owners go through in the rigors of establishing and maintaining a successful business. We realize that owning and operating a business can be very challenging on a day to day basis. Factor in the current economic climate of the country, and now more than ever a dedicated hands-on attorney is even more necessary to help facilitate a smooth running and efficient business.

Please browse our website to learn more about the legal services we provide. Then either contact us through our Contact Us page on our website or call us direct at (212) 405-2233 to make an appointment. On all civil rights, criminal and personal injury cases we provide a FREE consultation.